Volume 2, Issue 2

1    Gratitude, Forgiveness and Subjective well-being among college going students
        Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani
2    Prevalence and risk factors of polypharmacy among elderly in India: Evidence from SAGE Data 
        Mili Dutta and Lokender Prashad
3    Stress, anxiety and depression among students of selected Medical and Engineering colleges,
        Bangalore- A comparative study

        Naveen S, Swapna M, Jayanthkumar K, and Shashikala Manjunatha
4    Quantitative analysis of EEG signal before and after sudharshana kriya yoga
        Chandana, Vijayalakshmi and Vinod Kochupillai
5    Influenza Like Illness(ILI): Prevalence and Preventive practices among Indian Haj piligrims of Karnataka
        Jameel Fatema, Shashikala Manjunatha, Mohammed Abrar ul Huq and Kruthika N
6    Toward Human Behavior Sciences from the Perspective of Neurolaw
        Arian Petoft and Ahmed Momeni-rad
7     Exploring Self Emotion Regulation in Depression and Bipolar Affective Disorder:Implications for Therapeutic

        Garima Rajan and Meetu Khosla
8    Assessment of Diabetes Distress and Disease related Factors in Patients With
         Type-2 Diabetes Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bangalore

        Vidya. K.and R.Jayanthkumar K
9    Computational Investigation of Effects of Spines and AMPA Receptor Desensitization in Temporal Integration
         in Striatal Medium Spiny Neurons

        Mrunal Rane and Rohit Manchanda
10    Identification Of Novel Ligands For Leukemia
        Chetan Patil, Mahesh M, Preenon Bagchi and Sinosh Skariyachan