Volume 2, Issue 1

1    Integration of Classical Yoga and the 4-Stage Creative Process of Modern Science
        Kathryn Rossi, Jane Mortimer and Ernest Rossi
2    Yoga therapy, a novel treatment option for somatoform disorders: a case study
        Roshan Sutar, Shivarama Varambally, Geetha Desai and B. N. Gangadhar
3    Mental Stress Evaluation using Heart Rate Variability Analysis: A Review
        Kalpesh Patil, Manisha Singh, Garima Singh, Anjali, Dr.Neeraj Sharma
4    Nadi Diagnosis Techniques
        Prajkta Kallurkar, Shiru Sharma, Kalpesh Patil and Neeraj Sharma
5    Effect Of Physicochemical Parameters Of Bioremediation on Barium
        Shyam Prasad.V
6    A comparative study of work related stress among government and private school teachers of Kurnool town.
        Praveena Ganapa and A. Sreedevi
7    Production and Purification of Novel Antibiotics from Marine Actinomycetes
        Shaik Abdul Rehaman and Mahesh M
8    Cortisol Responses to Psychosocial Stress: The Role of Childhood Maltreatment and Depression
        Uma Rao and Matthew C. Morris
9    Scope of some Indian medicinal plants in the management of a few neuro-degenetative disorders in-silico: a review
        Preenon Bagchi, R. Somashekhar and Ajit Kar
10    Assessment of stress among autorikshaw drivers in Bangalore city -A cross sectional study
        Amit Kumar Sinha and Shashikala M