Volume 1, Issue 1

1    Mental Health Of Adolescent
       Nandaniya M.A.
2    Mental Health And Self Concept Among Secondary School Students
      Ketan Sanchla
3    A Comparative Study Of Mental Health Among Male And Female Of Internet Addict Adolescents
      Chocha R. K.
4    Mental Health and Social Adjustment among College Students
      Yogeshkumar V. Pathak
5    Aggression and Problem Areas among Female Adolescents
      Sandra Sunitha Lobo and Surya Rekha S.V.
6    Online Resources In Mental Health Services
       Reddy P.S.
7    Youth and Counselling in India
      Ketaki Sodhi and Shivangi Kakkar
8    The Role of Rumination in the Relationship between Attention Deficits and Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms
      among Non Clinical Sample

      Nilakshi Vaidya and Kishor Adhikari
9    Parental Pressures - A Major Stress Factor for Children in India: An Approach Paper
      Rajani Inbavanan and Somashekhar R.
10   Molecular characterisation of Pseudomonas species isolated from diabetic patients with urinary tract infection
      (UTI) by AFLP.

      Kumar.P.P.B.S, Mahesh.M, Yogananda Murthy.V.N., Ammani.K