About Us

Sarvasumanā is a Not-For-Profit Public Mental Health & Neurosciences Foundation (registered under The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960) to serve the mankind with utmost humbleness and deliver services unbiased. The word Sarvasumanā [सर्वसुमना] is derived from three root words of Sanskrit. ‘Sarva’= all; ‘su’= good; ‘manā’ (read as 'manaa') = mind, meaning Good mind and good mental health for all.

The forum aims to unite the mental health science with biological and general health sciences to incubate the inter-disciplinary approach to drive mankind towards peace, happiness and sound health.

Mental health disciplines like Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Counseling, Parapsychology and Clinical psychology are linked with application technologies like biotechnology, computational biology, computational neurosciences, neurobiology, forensic science, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, Ayurveda, Yoga and Homeopathy to build an inter-disciplinary forum.